12 Week Sports Performance Training Program

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Improve your overall athleticism and get faster, stronger, and more explosive on the field or court!

4 Phases of Training over 12 Weeks:

Phase 1: General Preparation

During weeks 1-3 you will go through the General Preparation Phase. You’ll gradually begin to apply load and stress to prepare you for harder training later in the program. Focus on general strength and conditioning not specific to your sport. Learn movements and terminology.

Phase 2: Eccentric Training

During weeks 4-6 you will go through the eccentric phase. You’ll learn how to properly absorb and overload your muscles in a safe and effective manner that lengthens your muscle fibers.

Phase 3: Isometrics

During weeks 7-9 you will progress into the isometric phase of training. You will perform holds or pauses at the bottom position of main lifts to help strengthen your joints and prepare your body for sport movements

Speed & Agility Training Included!

Become the most dynamic and explosive athlete on the field or court!

Improve your running mechanics and sprint speed. Learn how to react and change direction to become a better all-around athlete. 


Phase 4: Explosive Power

In the final weeks of training (10-12) we use concentric lifts to finish off strong. These lifts help build explosiveness and shorten your muscle fibers to round out and complete the program.


Program delivered through the Trainheroic App

Every exercise will have a demonstration video. Message me through the app with training questions.

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