Ralph D

stars“I started training with Joey in hopes to improve my overall strength for competition in obstacle races I was currently training for. Even before starting this I was training 5-7 days a week and competing at what I thought was a very high level and in best shape of my life. I have played sports at almost every level throughout my life and I am a certified trainer myself in a variety of different disciplines. With the Complex training technique’s I learned with Joey in 30 Days, I not only did I put on five pounds of muscle but I increased my strength from week 1 to week 4 over 40 to 50% in almost every one of our exercises. I learned a variety of useful movements that have improved every part of my training to compete in my upcoming races. I have competed for over 20 years now in athletics and I can’ stress how eye opening and productive these sessions with Joey were. I am looking forward to my next races knowing I am much more prepared then I have ever been before.”

-Ralph D.